Pilih Laman

 1. Bachelor program at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer – the Netherlands www.saxion.edu
 2. At least 6 semesters at home university and last/final year at Saxion: 1 semester theory and 1 semester graduation internship in international Dutch companies/industries
 3.  Double degree: ST from Undip and Bachelor of Engineering from Saxion University
 4. Full scholarship is available, find about it more at www.nuffic.nl/hsphuygens
 5. After graduation, there is opportunity to work as innovative knowledge worker in Dutch companies/industries for several years with income following Dutch standard
 6. Requirements: GPA>3, TOEFL>550 or IELTS >6, highly motivated in applied research, open minded, easy going

Presentation & interview of 2 best candidates will be held at Undip on:  

Friday 26 Novemember 2010.

For first selection, contact & inform your Head of Department (Kajur).

For further information: Tina Purwono, icesby@indo.net.id, telp. 031 8473569 – 08563288911 – 0818501372

Register for attending the presentation: Anggi (024-7460055)
at Dekanat Fakultas Teknik UNDIP 2nd Floor