PT. TIRA AUSTENITE Tbk. was established in April 1974 and commenced its business activities as trading company with a focus as distibutor, reperesentative and licensed sole agent for high quality of Wuropean specialized products of technical machineriesl  ‘the company has been widely recognized to represent leading European Enterprises, such as:  Insusteel of France, ODS of the Netherlands; and EWM, MESSER OF Germany.

Today, the continued growth of PT Tira Austenite Tbk. has been maintained in 11 branches and 3 representatives throughout the country.  We have two Sub Bisnis Unit: SBU Industrial Products & SBU Industrial Gases.  With the company’s affiliates, PT Alpha Autenite, PT. TAnah Sumber Makmur, PT. TEkun Asas Sumber Makmur, the staff are composed over 500 highly motivated managers, sales engineers and skilled technicians that are ready to challenge and skilled techicians that are aready to challenge short and long term global economy.

Our excellent sales engineers supported by highly skilled production staff and management are commited to provide full services to our clients by product counseling through technical assistance and after sales service.  The company’s prestigious reputation has been proved by its consistency in delivering high quality products and services.

Regently Required of Sales Engineer


1.  To be part of our dynamic environment
2.  Should be at least hold a Bachelor Degree
3.  Min. GPA 2,75 of scale 4
4.  Communicative attitude will be satisfactory of our demand.

Send your copies of resume & application letter include with latest photograph to us.  Consider that the closing date will be two weeks (15 November 2010) of publication date.