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Professor Lee Mun-yong’s research team was recognized for their energy efficiency innovation technology at the ‘EU-Russia Innovation Forum’, being awarded consecutively at world prominent process design contests since 2013
[April 18, 2014]
<School of Chemical Engineering Lee Moon-yong (left) and Harvianto currently in PhD program>
YU Graduate School of Chemical Engineering Professor Lee Moon-yong (54) and his research team once again made the astonishing feat of announcing his research capacities to the world.
The YU Graduate School of Chemical Engineering Process System Design and Control Research Team (advisor Lee Moon-yong) was awarded at the ‘2014 Green Innovation Contest’ hosted by the ‘EU-Russian Innovation Forum’.
The ‘2014 Green Innovation Contest’ accepted innovative ideas and technologies from around the world in the energy efficiency, clean technologies and green smart city sectors for green growth. They select the top five teams in recognition of their technological superiority for awards.
This event, which was held under the theme ‘Sustainable Green Growth Economy’, was joined by a total of 38 teams from companies, universities and research centers and competed fiercely. In result, Professor Lee’s research team was selected as a winning team with ‘Industrial energy efficiency improvement technologies through advanced vapor technologies’ and was invited to the ‘4th EU-Russia Innovation Forum’ held in Lappeenranta, Finland that was held from the 4th to the 6th. Professor Lee’s team was represented by Gregorius Rionugroho Harvianto (23, 1st term in PhD program) originally from Indonesia who is in his doctorates program at YU to present the research team’s energy efficiency innovation technology and receive the award.
Meanwhile, the YU Graduate School of Chemical Engineering and the Process System Design and Control Research Lab were awarded for the second consecutive year in world-acclaimed process design contests, thus being globally recognized for their research capacities in the process sector. At the ‘Huntsman Design Contest’ held as part of the ‘9th European Congress of Chemical Engineering’ at the Hague, in the Netherlands held in April, Yus Donarld CHANIAGO (33, received PhD) and Riezqa ANDIKA (24, 4th term in combined master’s PhD program) of this research lab won the bronze medal. At the ‘Asia-Pacific UnISim Design Contest’ hosted by Honeywell in August, Khan Mohd Shariq (29, PhD) won first place.

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