(3/9) Semarang – In line with Program of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are to ensure a healthy life, preventive and promotive approaches are needed as well as empowering families and communities in the health sector. One form of community empowerment in the health sector is to develop Community Based Health Efforts (UKBM), one of which is Posyandu.

At Faculty of Engineering currently there is no forum for managing employee health problems. Posyandu (Health Centre) for employees are felt as a crucial need to maintain the health status of employees at Faculty. Based on these needs, it is necessary to carry out community service activities (PkM) carried out by a Lecturer Team of 4 people from the Undip Faculty of Medicine to facilitate the establishment of this Employee Health Centre (Posyandu).

The series of activities for the establishment of Posyandu include: providing nutrition and health materials for a month, the practice of using anthropometric tools, checking blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid levels with portable tools, testing skills for calculating food intake and peer group education skills. In implementing Posyandu, health workers and Posyandu cadres are needed. Posyandu cadres come from the faculty community of employees who come from elements of lecturers and staff. And a number of 50 prospective cadres have joined.

The first meeting cadre training activity was held on Friday, September 3, 2021 which was held through a zoom meeting, attended by participants from representatives of each department of Faculty of Engineering. The material presented was the provision of background material for the formation of the Posyandu and balanced nutrition education in supporting work productivity.

By providing education about balanced nutrition, it is expected to increase work productivity, work absenteeism, work performance and work ability for Faculty employees. After the delivery of the material there is also a question and answer based on the material that has been delivered. The event was closed with a discussion between the community service team and the partner team, represented by the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Abdul Syakur, ST, MT. who conveyed good feedback and hopes with the establishment of the Posyandu.

Undip Medical Faculty Service Team:

  1. Dr. Ethics Ratna Noer, S.Gz, M.Si (chairman)
  2. Deny Yudi Fitranti, S.Gz, M.Si
  3. Hartanti Sandi W., S.Gz, M.Gizi
  4. Ayu Rahadiyanti, S.Gz, MPH
  5. Dr. dr. I. Edward KSL, M.Si, Med, MM, MHKes, SpPK
Screenshot: Zoom Meeting (1)
Screenshot: Zoom Meeting (2)