(29/8) In order to increase the quality of Human Resources (HR) at Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University held a training “Occupational Safety and Health” (OHS) for staff (lecturers and employees). This event takes place for 3 days starting from Monday-Wednesday, August 22 – 24 2022 at the FT UNDIP Dean Building, carried out using a hybrid method (offline/online).

On the first day, started with the opening of online training by dr. Agus Prasetyo as a speaker to deliver a material on human anatomy and physiology. This OSH training is special because it is added with Covid-19 prevention materials.

On the second and third day, offline practice will explain general health problems and emergency response. Each participant gets a chance to practice the lesson that has been obtained so far. There are also teaching aids and medical equipment used to maximize this training so that participants are able to understand the material well.

OSH Training Activities at the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Undip