Have you ever heard about Nano technology? Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scales. Atomic diameters range from 62 picometers (Helium atoms) to 520 picometers (Cesium atoms), while combinations of several atoms form molecules with a nano-size range. The initial description of nanotechnology refers to the purpose of using technology to manipulate atoms and molecules to make macro-scale products (wikipedia.com). In general, nano technology is material manipulation with a maximum size of 100 nanometers. Nano technology is developed in various sectors, such as the health sector, food, chemical, machinery, industry to produce technologies that are more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Recently, alumni of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Suryandaru who is one of the founders of Nano Center, visited the Faculty of Engineering to share experiences with faculty. Suryandaru shares information about nano-technology that is very useful in the present.

Suryandaru said that nano technology is the latest technology at this time that is capable of manipulating particles into materials. With this technology, we can design new materials that have the desired function and have advantages. Suryandaru said that if a material was made in nano size, it would be possible to create material with extraordinary new properties, for example, scientists succeeded in making a material called graphene which had hundreds of times the strength of steel but lighter.