Faculty of engineering encourages their lecturer and students to be involved in many research through various research funding schemes, one of them is a collaborative research. Most common problem is there are gaps between the Industry as a user and Universities as graduates producers. It happens because industrial technology increase rapidly, meanwhile universities curriculum tend to change periodically. To solve this issue, Diponegoro University and PT Powerblock Indonesia sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) about research collaboration (27/9). In the future, this program is expected to be able producing competent graduates who can be relied on industrial world.

PT. Powerblock Indonesia is a leading manufacturer of construction materials with AAC (lightweight aerated concrete) lightweight concrete. AAC materials purchased are wall materials, floor panels and wall panels which should have an important role in the world of construction in Indonesia specifically for buildings, apartments and housing.

In his remarks speech at the Public Lecture held in the Hall of Civil Engineering, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Agung expressed his high appreciation for the collaboration, “Hopefully this Research Collaboration can be as beneficial as possible for Science and Technology, Higher Education, the industrial world and the wider community especially in the field of construction”.