(16/9) The Faculty of Engineering was visited by PT Borine Technology Indonesia (Borine Indonesia). The visit was held in the Senate Room, Dekanat Building 3rd Floor. This visit was a follow-up to the previous visit, where the Faculty of Engineering previously visited the Borine Indonesia factory in Kendal Industrial Park. On this visit, also present the Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs of Borine Indonesia, Farah Adrienne, Manager of Research and Development, Ningbo Borine Electric Appliances, Brian Ye, and General Manager of Ningbo Borine Electric Appliances, Jankey Ren.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, M.M, M.Sc, Ph.D, had the opportunity to deliver opening remarks at this visit. In his remarks, he was pleased with the offer given by Borine Indonesia to the Faculty of Engineering Undip. In his opinion, the effort to create collaborative actions between educational institutions and industry is important to be realized immediately. With this cooperation offer, he hopes that the Faculty of Engineering can establish cooperation in the form of joint research and internship at Borine Indonesia. “Hopefully in the future, the collaborative actions can be realized in the form of research and internships with Borine,” he said.

General Manager of Ningbo Borine Electric Appliances, Mr. Jankey Ren (right), discusses with lecturers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering Undip

General Manager of Ningbo Borine Electric Appliances, Jankey Ren, revealed that Borine is interested in developing robotic technology in its company. The Faculty of Engineering Undip is considered as a suitable partner because there have been many graduates from the Faculty of Engineering Undip who works for Borine Indonesia. He believed that with this cooperation, both parties can reap positive results in the future. “The workers in Indonesia are famous for being smart, they are diligent, they are hard workers, and they are willing to learn new things. We are interested in collaborating (with the Faculty of Engineering) because of that,” he said.

During this visit, the representatives from Borine Indonesia did not only visit the Faculty of Engineering. They also had the opportunity to see the works from the academics of Undip in the Robotic and Automation Laboratory Undip. Moreover, they also had the opportunity to meet the Robotic team of Undip (URDC) in the Student Center Undip. Hopefully, from this visit, the cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and Borine Indonesia can be realized soon and have a beneficial impact in the future.