Semarang, – Research and Community Services Institute, Diponegoro University is organizing an international conference in the area of Tropical and Coastal Region Eco-Development. The conference is intended to promote and disseminate  all research papers under scope of : (A). Coastal Region Eco-Development and (B). Tropical Life Sciences. The  scope of Coastal Region Eco Development encompasses publications with topics: Coastal engineering, Marine Products Processing, Marine Biotechnology, Climate Change, Coastal Management and Social Economics, Disaster management, and any other relevant science and engineering subjects related to coastal eco-developments. While the scope of Tropical Life Sciences covers: molecular biology, public health , psychology, tropical diseases, policy related to health and disease; pharmacological aspects and treatment, epidemiology, genetic studies, medical microbiology, food microbiology. Conference date:  August 11st-13rd, 2014. For details please visit here: