Disasters have been happening all over the globe more frequently and more intensely during the recent years casing enormous material and human casualties and threatening sustainable development trajectory. Meanwhile, efforts to reverse the negative impacts of global warming, climate change and other environmental problems have not been enough to ensure sustainability. Moreover, development mechanisms in many parts of the developing world are still unable to appropriately alleviate poverty and minimize economic inequality. It is also worth mentioning that war, terrorism, and other socio-political conflicts have also been intensifying at local as well as global levels. It becomes apparent that challenges to sustainable development and planning are still there even in this era of common awareness in assuring intra- and inter-generational equity.

The Conference is hosted by Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University,and will be held on:

Date           : 20-21 November 2013
Time           : 08.00 – end
Place          : Prof. Soedarto Building, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, Semarang-Indonesia

The conference will bring together scholars, development practitioners, government officials at various levels, and students to discuss the broad aspects of (regional) development in multidisciplinary approach, addressing essential questions of development and sustainability.

The conference will cover at least five topics: (i) Climate Change and Natural Disaster Issues, (ii) Inequality and Poverty Alleviation, (iii) Environmental and Spatial Justice, (iv) Infrastructure and Economic Development, and also (v) Development, Control, and Challenges

Further information and details please kindly go to http://indo-incodev.com/ or email us at icrd2013@gmail.com