(5/5) The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) Undip collaborates with the Victoria University of Wellington to host a seminar entitled “International Lecture Series: Urban Transportation and Capacity for Climate Change Action”. This seminar is the second series of the Urban and Regional Scientific Forum (USRF) which started in 2021. This seminar was held in a hybrid format in the Theatre Room, DURP Undip.

In this seminar, Rukuh Setiadi, S.T, MEM, Ph.D from the Department of URP Universitas Diponegoro was appointed as the main speaker along with Dr. Alex Lo from the School of Geography, Environment, and Eart Science, Victoria University of Wellington. Meanwhile, Aniessa Delima Sari, M.Sc from the Urban Initiative for Climate Change (IKUPI) was chosen as the moderator in this seminar. The topic of urban transportation and its capacity to support climate change action was discussed as a form of manifestation that the Department of URP takes in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  As one of the institutions which support the realization of SDGs, the Department of URP Undip strives to multiply the amount of discussion and knowledge transfers so that more intellectuals are interested in discussing climate change and SDGs.

Prof. Dr-Ing. Wiwandari Handayani, S.T, M.T, MPS, had the opportunity to deliver the opening remarks at this event. In her remarks, she expressed her joy in organizing this International Lecture Series. According to her, International Lecture Series will help the urban and regional planners to hold hands together in dealing with climate change. “I hope that all urban and regional planners now have to agree to face the challenges of climate change that are right in front of their eyes,” she said.

She also hoped that students and lecturers who participate in the seminar either online or offline were able to develop studies related to urban planning and climate change more broadly after attending this seminar. “We hoped that in the future we have more students that have Final Works (Tugas Akhir) taking climate change and its relationship with urban and regional planning as their subjects. Hopefully, it can generate more interesting and diverse topics,” she said at the end of her remarks.

Photo by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning Undip