(17/3) the Department of Computer Engineering Undip held the Final Project Expo at the Campus Forest Park, Faculty of Engineering, Undip. The Expo event was the final event of the series of activities titled Final Project Capstone which had been recently implemented in the Department of Computer Engineering. At this event, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, M.M, M.Sc, Ph.D, and the Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. Adian Fatchur Rochim, S.T, M.T, also came to visit every stand. His presence was warmly welcomed by the participants and the visitors who attended the Final Project Expo.

Previously, the Final Project Capstone is a program developed from the Individual Final Project Assessment which was obligatory for every student in the Department of Computer Engineering in order to be graduated from the department. In this Final Project Capstone, three students will be grouped into one team and given an actual problem to be solved. The problems that become the starting point for the Final Project were taken from the real problems that are currently happening in the business world. The aim of this Capstone is for the students to gain practical experience before they graduate so that the knowledge gained during college can be applied to the real business world and generate a top-grade graduate.

In this event that accommodates the innovative works from the Computer Engineering students, there are at least 6 works displayed at the Final Project Expo this month. These six Final Projects are the IoT-based Accreditation Document Searching System using RFID, LPG Order and Monitoring Information System, Marine Safety Management Information System (SIMASKESPEL), the Personnel Information System, “’PANGGONAN APP” Application for Place Searching around Undip Tembalang, and Automated System for Student Data Collection on Undip Food Trucks.

Dimas Rafi, one of the participants at this Final Project Expo, said that he was happy because he managed to complete the program that he was working on with his teammates on time. “Luckily we were able to meet the deadline and take part in the Expo this March,” said Dimas representing his teammates. He also expressed his gratitude because his stand was visited by the Dean personally. He and his team felt very grateful because they were appreciated by the top management at the Faculty of Engineering.

This event provides inspiration for every visitor who comes. Rama Weihan Aryasuta, one of the visitors, said that he was inspired to be able to create useful technology. “I am happy to be able to see and try the works of my senior directly. I also can ask them about their process in finding the right research sites and how they initially decided to choose their Final Project topics, said Rama.

In the future, It is hoped that this Final Project Expo can be continued and can provide enthusiasm for the students of the Department of Computer Engineering Undip to continue working and innovating in making the right and beneficial technologies for society.

Generated from the Department of Computer Engineering