(26/6) Robotics team from Undip named Bandhayuda Team successfully won 3rd place and the Best Design award in the KRAI division (Kontes Robot ABU Indonesia, ABU Indonesian Robot Contest) at the Indonesian Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Indonesia, KRI) 2023 which was held on 21-16 June 2023 at Universitas Semarang.

Indonesian Robot Contest, or KRI, itself is a robotics design and engineering competition for college students held by the Center for Indonesian Talent Development (Balai Pengembangan Talenta Indonesia, BPTI) of the National Achievement Center (Pusat Prestasi Nasional, Puspresnas) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) since 2003. In this 21st event, there were 96 universities that competed to win champions in 7 divisions, namely ABU Indonesian Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia-Beroda, KRSBI-B), Indonesian Humanoid Football Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Sepak Bola Indonesia-Humanoid, KRSBI-H), Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (Kontes Robot SAR Indonesia, KRSRI), Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Seni Tari Indonesia, KRSTI), Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Tematik Indonesia, KRTMI), and Indonesian Underwater Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Bawah Air Indonesia, KRBAI).

On this year’s KRI, the Undip Robotics Development Center (URDC) sent four teams to compete in four different divisions, namely Bandhayuda Team in KRAI, EWS Bascorro in KRSBI-H, EWS Barracuda in KRSBI-B, and EWS Andromeda in KRSRI. Apart from Bandhayuda Team, the other teams also made impressive achievements. EWS Bascorro secured the top 8 positions in the KRSBI-H division. EWS Andromeda also secured the same position in the KRSRI division. Meanwhile, EWS Barracuda managed to finish in the top 18 in KRSBI-B division.

Miftahul Anwar, Leader of Bandhayuda Team, said that for this year, the preparation that Bandhayuda team had done was quite a lot. This is because KRAI itself must follow the rules from ABU Robocon which is an international competition, so they have to make the robot from scratch by following these rules. “It takes careful preparation and a long time to think of ideas, design, and robot program that takes as simple as possible to solve the assigned tasks,” said the Mechanical Engineering student from the class of 2020.

Undip Robotics Development Center while competing in KRI 2023

In KRAI itself, each team had to prepare two robots with different mechanisms, which were Rabbit Robot and Elephant Robot. These two robots will be programmed to be able to throw the rings into the prepared poles as quickly and as much as possible. Moh. Sirojudin Mudir, the Programmer of Bandhayuda Team, admitted that the preparation done by Bandhayuda Team for this year’s KRAI was quite good. He and his team are grateful and proud to be able to present the 3rd place for Universitas Diponegoro this year. “Even though we can’t win the first place, I am still proud of all my teammates who have been willing to research and fight every day even during the competition. Hopefully, there will be people who can continue our struggle,” he said.

Dr. Eng. Munadi, ST., MT, the supervisor of Bandhayuda Team, hoped that with this positive result from Bandhayuda Team this year, Undip can pay more attention to the Undip Robotics students such as by providing a basecamp for the activity of Undip Robotics Development Center and giving appreciation for the students who have achievements. “I hoped that there will be more attention from Undip regarding a permanent basecamp for the Undip Robotics students so that the process of training and robot development can be conducted continuously and structurally. In addition, there is an appreciation for the students who won the competition, for example by giving the scholarship for them to continue their master’s degree in Undip,” he said.

Photos and Article were generated from Undip Robotics Development Center