(5/9) semarang – Serliana Yulianti, a 2018 student of the Naval Engineering study program, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, won the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) accepted at Korea Maritime Ocean University (KMOU), Busan, South Korea. A student who comes from Bengkulu will study for approximately 1 semester in the country of ginseng starting august 25, 2022. So, how did she manage to get it? here’s the story.

“Initially I got the information through the Instagram account of Student Executive Organization. It turns out that there is a student exchange program in South Korea which supported by the GKS (Global Korea Scholarship). This program will be held at Korea Maritime Ocean University (KMOU) for 1 semester.

What is the motivation to join this program?

“Based on my educational background, I believe this program will help me in understanding and accelerating my knowledge in the field of naval architecture and marine sciences”.

What documents are needed to register?

“I complete the requirements such as making a motivation letter, study plan, statement of purpose, requesting a recommendation letter from the faculty, TOEFL, passport, 3rd vaccine, and others”.

How was the selection process?

“The selection for this program, applicants need to prepare the documents. The required documents are sent to the International Office of Diponegoro University (IO-Undip) for further submission to the KMOU and GKS. Based on these requirements, KMOU and GKS conducted file selection. Then, I got an LoA to become one of the awardees of GKS for 2022 KMOU student exchange program”.

Why South Korea?

“I chose Korea because this country has a very advanced education system, especially in the naval and maritime fields. In addition, the major provided in this program is related to my educational background and I believe that participating in it can support my academic quality in the naval sector.”

What are your hopes for the future in joining this program?

“This program is a place to exchange culture, build relationships, and gain many things that the awardees might not experience in Indonesia. By participating in this program, hopefully, all awardees can contribute and be more adaptive, and communicative, also be a good representatives for Diponegoro University and Indonesia. Furthermore, when they return to Indonesia, awardees can share their experiences and motivate their friends on campus. This will create a positive ambiance in the university which the students will be more enthusiastic to join this program next year.” (mardian)