(10/2) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro collaborated with the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in holding the event called ASEAN Innovative Science Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) 2023. This splendid event which brought together young scientists from several countries officially started with the opening ceremony that was held in Engineering Hall, Dekanat Building 5th Floor, Faculty of Engineering. During the ceremony, also present several important figures, both offline and online, to give remarks to the participants who participated in this event, which this year is entering its fourth year. The participants did not only come from Indonesia, but also from other countries such as India, Thailand, South Korea, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, and Türkiye. A total of 268 participants from 15 countries took part in AISEEF this year.

The event started with the singing of the National Anthem of Indonesia, Indonesia Raya, then continued with several remarks. The first speech was delivered by the Chairman of the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA), Mr. Deni Irawan, M.Pd. In his remarks, he expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders who had supported the implementation of AISEEF 2023, especially the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro, which had provided a lot of assistance for the event to run successfully. In addition, he also welcomed the participants who took part either online or offline in this event which was held for the first time in 2020.

The second speech was delivered by the Chairman of the Indian Innovators Association (IIA), Mr. Raman Teja Venigalla. In his remarks which were held online, Mr. Raman Teja showed his utmost gratitude to IYSA and the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro for inviting young scientists, especially those who came from India, to take an active part in AISEEF 2023. For him, the AISEEF can be a place for young scientists to develop themselves and share their knowledge with fellow young scientists so that new useful innovations can be created.

The following remarks were delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro, Prof. Ir. M. Agung Wibowo, M.M, M.Sc, Ph.D. In his remarks, he welcomed the participants who had come from every place to Semarang City. He said that the Faculty of Engineering was very proud of the implementation of AISEEF 2023. He hopes, the participants can show their research results and reap the best results from this event.

The event then continued with the beating of the gong (traditional Indonesian metal disc percussion) as a sign of the official opening of AISEEF 2023. Prof. Dr.nat.tech. Siswo Sumardiono, ST, MT, the Vice Dean of Academic and Students Affairs, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro, beat the gong with the Chairman of IYSA, Mr. Deni Irawan, M.Pd.

This opening ceremony is not only filled with remarks but also included several performances. The first performance came from SMA Negeri 3 Semarang who sang a song by Raisa and Isyana Sarasvati entitled “Anganku Anganmu”. The performance was enough to amaze the participants who were present at the event. After that performance, the event continued with an introduction to the Judges of AISEEF 2023 and a speech from the Chairman of Judges of AISEEF 2023, Dr. Soehardjoepri, M.Si.

After the presentation about the Judges, the event continued with another performance from SMA Negeri 1 Semarang who sang Chrisye and Waldjinah’s song “Kala Cinta Menggoda”. After the participants were satisfied with these performances, the opening ceremony was officially closed with the reading of the rules that applied during AISEEF 2023.

AISEEF 2023 will take place for 5 days starting from 10-14 February 2023 at the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Diponegoro. The exhibition will take place from 11-12 February 2023 at the Joint Parking Building Universitas Diponegoro. The closing ceremony will be held at Engineering Hall, Faculty of Engineering on 14th February 2023