(24/8) Semarang – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Engineering continues to carry out capacity building for lecturers and staff to improve their ability and work capacity in order to provide the best service for students and the college environment.

Twenty lecturers and staff who were sent consisted of 7 Heads of Departments, 1 Head of Study Programs, 9 Heads of Department K3 Units, and 3 Laboratory Assistants. Lecturers and staff who were sent, 17 of whom were the Committee for the Development of Occupational Safety and Health (P2K3) at Faculty of Engineering. They will take part in General K3 training and certification activities for 2 weeks, started on August 23rd until 4th September 2021. The organizer of this General OSH training and certification activity is PT. Wealthindo Putrapramesti Perkasa.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. M Agung Wibowo, said that goal of this program in order to increase capacity of lecturers and staff in the field of K3 was a policy of Engineering Fculty which has been started in 2019. K3 policies within the Faculty of Engineering include allocating a budget to send students, lecturers and staff to attend K3 training and certification.

We hoped the result of this certification would have a great impact on academics, especially students, when they graduate and work in a company, they no longer stutter about the implementation of K3, and are even expected to become leaders and innovators in the company in implementing the implementation of K3. General K3 and specific K3 such as K3 Electrical, K3 Electrical machines, K3 Chemistry, K3 construction work were delivered through K3 Talk activities organized by P2K3 Faculty of Engineering.

Faculty of Engineering has prepared documents related to the implementation of K3 at the Faculty of Engineering in 2020 and at the end of the year an External Audit is carried out. Finally, in early 2021 the Faculty of Engineering obtained an ISO 45001:2018 certificate which shows that the Faculty of Engineering has implemented K3 within the Faculty of Engineering. This achievement was also in line with the mandate of the Undip Chancellor, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, which was conveyed during the Morning Apple activity, Monday, August 23, 2021.

In his remarks, Prof. Yos emphasized that lecturers and staff must work professionally so that accidents do not occur on the job. The potential for disasters was all around us, therefore we need to be vigilant by seriously identifying the potential disasters, whether they are fires, floods, landslides and so on.

Furthermore, when a disaster occurred, we knew an actions to handle it, the equipment has been prepared, officers were prepared. If the equipment already exists, it is necessary to periodically check the equipment, so if it is needed, it can immediately be operated properly. For handling all of this, the rector said that in Undip SOTK which was just approved in 2021, there was an Office that was handled by Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment. The Chancellor advised, Undip’s environmental management must be prioritized, moreover Undip is ranked 2nd in the Green metric. It was so important to keep our reputation in this area.

Based on the Rector’s mandate, Abdul Syakur as Vice Dean of Resources at Faculty of Engineering will continue to carry out the programs that have been prepared in implementing K3 in Undip, both short-term, medium-term and long-term programs. Especially at Faculty of Engineering by empowering the Faculty P2K3 Team, Departmental K3 Unit and collaborating with the newly inaugurated Head of the Undip K3L Office, to socialize the importance of implementing K3L and carrying out training and disaster simulations in the context of emergency response in the college environment. (Mardian)

Screenshot: Training of K3 in Universitas Diponegoro (1)
Screenshot: Training of K3 in Universitas Diponegoro (2)