(17/4) 13 students from the Faculty of Engineering were qualified as awardees in the 2023 Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) program. This was announced through the site iisma.kemdikbud.go.id on Friday morning.

Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) is a scholarship scheme for Indonesian students to do mobility program at top universities and industries overseas. This program was funded by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mada Sophianingrum, ST, MT, MSc, coordinator of the International Office, Faculty of Engineering, Undip explained, the number of students who passed the program this year had increased quite well compared to the previous year, whereas in 2022 there were 11 students who passed and this year there were 13 students who passed this program. According to her, the increase in the number of students who passed is inseparable from the preparations that the Faculty of Engineering had prepared to welcome IISMA 2023.

“For us, the most important key is the preparation. We have provided various preparations for our students so that they can pass IISMA this year. Starting from socialization, creating informative content about IISMA, to providing the online chat group for the applicants,” said Ms. Mada.

Vice Dean of Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Dr. nat. tech. Siswo Sumardiono, S.T, M.T, appreciated the increase in the number of participants in this year. For him, this increase shows a good trend, where every year the number of students from the Faculty of Engineering who passed IISMA increases. “In my opinion, the increase in the number of students for this year is pretty good. From only 7 students in 2021, increase to 11 students in 2022, and now there are 13 students in 2023,” he said.

However, he highlighted the number of departments that send their students to this program. He hopes that in the next year, the number of participants can continue to increase and be more diverse. “Hopefully in 2024, the number of students participating in this IISMA program can increase and more students will participate from other departments,” said Prof. Siswo.

The students who passed the program also gave various responses regarding their acceptance as awardees. Stefanus Aditya Witjaksono, an awardee from the Department of Naval Architecture, said he was surprised when he was listed as one of the awardees. “Wow, to be honest, I was surprised because, in terms of achievements and organization, I was not as active as the others,” said Stefanus.

Nerissa Lenjau, one of the awardees from the Department of Environmental Engineering, showed a different response. She was grateful to have qualified as one of the awardees. She hopes that this opportunity can be useful not only for herself but also for others. “I am grateful to be given such an opportunity as one of the IISMA 2023 Awardees. Hopefully, I can use this new experience as best as possible and share it with the others.”

Here are 13 students of the Faculty of Engineering who passed as the IISMA 2023 awardees:

No.NameDepartmentAccepted in
1.Hilya Khalisha MumtazahArchitectureLiverpool University, UK
2.Maurelitya Priskayla DayintaEnvironmental EngineeringHanyang University, Republic of Korea
3.Octadian CandratamaArchitectureUniversity of Canterbury, New Zealand
4.Anisa Egilda Harni IndrawatiNaval ArchitectureMichigan State University, USA
5.Muhammad Fariz SidikComputer EngineeringWestern University, Canada
6.Kanina Nadira AndriyaniComputer EngineeringVictoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
7.Qonita AyuningtyasArchitectureUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
8.Devintya Wu MeyliChemical EngineeringKeio University, Japan
9.Nerissa LenjauEnvironmental EngineeringUniversity College Dublin, Ireland
10.Stefanus Aditya WitjaksonoNaval ArchitectureHanyang University, Republic of Korea
11.Athaya AdristiArchitectureUniversiti Malaya, Malaysia
12.Ollynd PramadhiniArchitectureUniversitas Pompeu Fabra, Spain
13.Anjeli Putri Shaina FaishalArchitectureSapienza University of Rome, Italy