Pilih Laman

Our Group is one of the best player in manufacture materials, concentrate in Glass and Ceramics product with export market to more than 50 countries. We are currently seeking qualified professionals who have the drive, experience and business acumen to assist in the management of our manufacture business located in Cikarang, as :

1. Male, age around 23-27 years old, Fresh graduate
2. Diploma  degree in Electrical or Mechanical or Industrial (min GPA 2.75)
3. Good analytical thinking, fast learner, independent, team-work oriented,   
self-initiative, persistent, and able to work in under-pressure condition
4. Willing to work based on shift system and emergency call.

1.    Male, age around 27-35 years old, Bachelor degree from Civil (min GPA 2.75)
2.    Minimal 2 years experience in construction, building, road, and civil works (fresh graduates are welcome to apply)
3.    Having strong analytical skill, Computer literary and Fluent in English
4.    Self-starter, Willing to work hard, Independent and Detail oriented.

1. Diploma degree in Finance or Accounting (min GPA 3.00)
2. Having min 2 years experience in related field (preferably from manufacture
company, Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
3. He or She have strong analytical skill also skillful in computer literary  
4. Detail, self-motivated person, team-work oriented, persistent, and willing to
work in routine and monotonous task.

1. Diploma degree in Computer or Informatics or Information Technology
2. Having relevant experience in SAP or ERP or IT area
3. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
3. Skillful in computer literary and fluent in English
4. Fast learner, self-starter, independent, good analytical thinking, persistent

If you have interest and meet all the above criteria,
please send your complete CV to :

to : hr-recruitment@muliagroup.co.id