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PT Asahimas Chemical is the biggest integrated producer of Chlor Alkali, PVC, and Vinyl Chloride Monomer in Indonesia as well as in South East Asia.  PT.  Asahimas Chemical is a a part of the international group of Asahi Glass Company which is one of the leader and biggest glaas and chemical producer in the world.  We are producer of basic chemicals that serve as the raw material for many products ranging from Soap, Textiles, paper, food, chemicals and plastic products, such as synthetic leather, cable and pipe.

Our website :  http://www.asc.co.id


–  We like a person who can adapt easily to a dynamic environment

–  We like a person who is self-motivated, reponsible and focus on achieving the target

–  Bachelor degree (S-1) is a minimum requirement;  majoring in Civil Engineering with minimum score GPA is 2.75, as we look for a person who can think critically, systematically and creative


Please apply this position to SBAK (Sub Bagian Akademik dan Kemahasiswaan)

Dekanat Fakultas Teknik Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang.

We will conduct recruitment pocess on September 2012

Date and place of recruitment (test and interview) will be informed later.