(24/2) Semarang, Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University. Prof. Ir. Moch. Agung Wibowo in the Workshop on the Implementation of Indonesia Earthquake Source and Hazard Maps and SNI in Materials, Structures and Building Construction in Building Structure Planning (Earthquake Resistant Building Materials) at Santika Hotel on February 24-25, said that UNDIP is an excellent university in the field of engineering. We are ready to give full contribution in efforts to tackle national earthquake.

UNDIP has various experts in the field of disaster mitigation, especially earthquakes and building structures, such as: Dr. Windu Partono, Prof. Dr. Sri Tujono and Prof. Dr. Han Ay Lie. As an educational institution and research centre, UNDIP is always updating scientific methods to anticipate disaster, not only engaged in disaster management efforts, but also begun studies to reduce the impact and even avoiding disasters.

This event held by Ministry of PUPR collaborated with Central Java Provincial Government, UNDIP, the National Earthquake Centre (PusGeN), the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI), the Association of Indonesian Soil Engineering Experts (HATTI) and the Indonesian Construction Services Development Institute (LPJKI) were attended by hundreds of people including national engineering and seismologists.

Dr. Windu Partono, UNDIP Engineering Lecturer as the moderator opened and guided the event. Another speech delivered by Chairperson of the Team for Updates on the Source and Hazard Map, Prof. Dr. Ir. The Mashyur Irsyam. He said that “Earthquake points in Indonesia increased 2-3 times, even in Java, the spread of this earthquake point almost reached 4 times from 10 points to 37 points. The updating of this data is not only a particular concern for government but also for the public in order they could be more responsive to face a disaster. (Mardian)