Diponegoro University inaugurate 2.177 graduates at the 145th graduation ceremony in Building Prof.H. Soedarto, SH (24-26 January 2017).

Rector of Diponegoro University, Yos Johan Utama stated that the number of graduates is 2.177 people. Further, the graduates consist of 21 people from  doctoral program, 308 people from the master program, 61 people from the specialist program, 159 people from professional programs, 1478 people from undergraduate programs and 150 people from the diploma program.

Rector hopes that they will have academic and non-academic skill to support the country development. Undip also serve the higher education for them. Because the quality of alumni also support the accreditation of university.

“Now Undip is being transformed into State University of Legal Entity and world class university which commit to manage independently, capable and prosperous. So, for students from poor families, university will support with scholarship of Bidikmisi.