“Hard work will never betray the results”. This quote describes the Undip Engineering Student Choir (PSMT). PSMT is a Student Activity Unit (UKM) engaged in the Choir sector. “Preparing for this competition in South Korea did not always run smoothly for PSMT. Many obstacles were passed, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which made it difficult for the situation to practice and raise large enough funds. As the solution, we held tour concerts, singing, and business funds so that we can join this competition. In addition, we also held a concert for fundraising which was also supported by the Faculty of Engineering,” said one PSMT member.

In an interview with one of the members who went to South Korea, he said that during the competition, PSMT also felt pessimistic when he saw other competitors who already had high-flying hours and often won competitions at the international level. However, all the efforts they have made have brought extraordinary results with the details of the winners as follows:

  1. Winner of Classical Mixed & Equal Category Gold
  2. Best Presentation in Ethnic Category
  3. 3rd Place Ethnic Category Gold Dipoma
  4. Grand Prix Finalist
  5. Grand Champion

Of course, this achievement makes all residents of Diponegoro University proud, especially the Faculty of Engineering. Congratulation PSMT. May you always excel and make the Nation proud.