Today, Chungnam National University, Korea is visiting our Faculty of Engineering. There are several discussions about cooperation possibilities in many engineering areas of naval engineering, satellite, robotics and disaster management technology. In this meeting, Chungnam National University delegations lead by Prof. Kim Dojin, present the collaboration possibility in the academic and research. Chungnam National University delegation is welcomed by the Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof M. Agung Wibowo and Dr. Dessy Ariyanti, from Faculty of Engineering International Office. Even though the meeting is on the initial stage, both parties seem on the same page to continue the process of the research and academic collaboration. One of Diponegoro University’s most leading centers in engineering CoREM (Center for Coastal Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation) also presenting their work in artificial microsatellites to act as an early warning system.

There are also talks about the possibility of our undergraduate student to join Chungnam National University programs such as twinning and double degree program. However, almost all courses of undergraduate program in Chungnam University taught in Hangeul. We hope that this condition did not impede the possibility for our students to experience learning in Korea. There are also many possibilities for Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree, student exchange and other short course programs. The morning session is closed with gift exchange from both parties and a promise that this fruitful meeting proceeds with processing Memorandum of Understanding that will be conducted by both Universities. Source: