This year Kanazawa University, Japan opens Doctoral Scholarship for Lecturers that have got Master degree. The dissemination activities of scholarship was held in Courtroom Rector, Building of Widya Puraya, Friday 3rd of February 2017.

Team Kanazawa University are welcomed by Prof. Edi Riyanto as Chief of Department of Development and Improvement of Educational Quality (LP2MP) Undip. Prof. Edi said that Undip appreciate and welcome enthusiastically for the program. Hopefully, it will be continued with other collaboration such as student exchange and joint research.

Meanwhile, Senior Advisor of Kanazawa University, Asep Purqon,Ph.D. explained that the program of KU- Ristekdikti is for teacher in Indonesia who have got master degree and eager to get doctoral degree from Kanazawa University.


Further, Asep said that not to worry for applicants that could not speak Japanese fluently. The students will be joined in internasional class. For preparation, team will open two classes for to learn the Japanese, named intensive class and survival class free of charge in October 2017. Intensive class will learn the Japanese language a whole, then, the survival class is learning daily routines in Japan.

The program will be held for 36 up to 48 weeks, depending on the study program that will be taken. It is supported by Beasiswa Unggulan Dosen Indonesia Luar Negeri (BUDI-LN) supervised by Kemenristek Dikti. There is earlier fund given by LPDP  250 yen for applicants that are accepted.

For further information, please contact Global Affairs Support Office of Kanazawa University at email :