(17/3) Semarang – Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro. Wednesday morning, happy faces could be seen radiating from the Education Staff in the Faculty of Engineering. The reason was, the announcement of the Determination of Participants Passing the Final Stage of Limited Selection for Transfer Status of Non-Permanent Staff to Permanent Staff (PU NON-ASN) in the year 2021 had been announced.

Administrative Manager of the Faculty of Engineering, Ari Eko Widyantoro, ST., M.Si, said that he was happy to know this good news. According to him, the announcement of the status transfer of temporary staff to permanent staff brought a positive atmosphere to the Faculty. The staff looked more excited and had happy faces.

Photo: Administrative Manager Ari Eko Widyantoro, ST. M.Si

“The status transfer process in 2021 was very competitive. The employees had to passed 4 (four) stages of selection which consisted of administrative selection, basic ability tests, expertise tests & interviews. At least 198 success through this process. In addition, the Faculty must also face the fact that there are some employees who apply for different positions from they currently occupy. This is certainly a challenge us as leaders because we have to patch the vacant positions, “said Ari.

Photo: Mona Martinasari, ST., MM

Mona Martinasari, ST., MM, a member of Engineering Faculty Quality Assurance Team (TPM-FT) one of staff who passed the selection this time expressed her immeasurable gratitude. A mother of 3 children who started her career at Undip as temporary staff since 2010 was relieved that finally she was admitted as a permanent staff. In this selection process she applied for a different position from the previous position, from TPM-FT to BPSDM (Human Resources Development Agency). This future position requires her to adapt and understand the work ethic as soon as possible.

Photo: Prihantini, ST.,MT (left), Farida Nuzulia, SE (right)

The same thing was experienced by Prihantini, ST., MT & Farida Nuzulia, SE, they will occupy new positions in their respective units. Mbak Tini, as she is usually called, previously served as a Journal Manager in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) will join at Undip Planning and Development Agency (BPP). Meanwhile, Farida who previously served at Engineering Faculty Research and Community Service Unit (UPPM-FT) will carry out her new role as Student and Alumni Administration.

Photo: Dani Ristyawati, S.S

A feeling of greatfullness was also expressed by the Deans Secretary Dani Ristyawati, SS. who also passed the selection. “This is mixed feeling moment. I am happy that finally after 11 years become a part of Undip without having to worry about renewing the contract every year. However on the other hand, there is also a feeling of sadness due to some of my fellas have not succeeded in in this process”. She admitted that apply for same position as recent is the best option for her because she needn’t to learn something strange outside of her skills.

Photo: Andi Supratikno, SE

Andi Supratikno, SE, staff who also applied for the same position as his previous post. The Financial Report Compiler at the Faculty of Engineering since 2011 welcomes this good news. He revealed that this status transfer was proof that Undip also paid attention to the career paths of its employees. He hoped that in the future, the transfer of status can encourage employees become more responsible and dedicated to the institution. Meanwhile, responded his colleagues who had not passed the selection, Andi advised that “provision to follow the selection process must be well, learning and practicing to face the selection process is the key of success. In addition, never give up, keep on fire, don’t be discouraged & don’t give up just because you fail in the one single trial”.

Quoted the statement of the Undip Chancellor Prof. Yos Johan Utama, M.Hum, the selection of transfer status is planned to be held twice a year. (Mardian)