(15/10) Semarang, the Management of the Faculty of Engineering together with the K3 Team (Occupational Safety and Health) of the Faculty of Engineering checked the readiness of the Departments and Study Programs under the Faculty structure ahead of the implementation of face-to-face learning trial at Diponegoro University which was planned to be held on Monday, October 18 2021.

This readiness checking includes inspection the standardization of lecture facilities which would be carried out in a hybrid manner where students can attend directly in class or online. In addition, the FT K3 Team also ensures the readiness of Departments and Study Programs in carrying out the Covid-19 Health Protocol.

“Our task at the Faculty is to prepare facilities and infrastructure so that during the face-to-face learning trial it can run smoothly, if there are obstacles in its implementation, we will immediately evaluate and make improvements so that lecturers and students feel safe and comfortable”, said the Deputy Dean of Resources Dr. Abdul Syakur, ST., MT.

Photo: K3 (Occupational Health and Safety) Team was Inspecting a Department of Civil Engineering.

Meanwhile, the Head of the FT K3 Team, Dr. Manik Mahachandra, ST., MSc explained, “The importance of implementing K3 is our effort to create a healthy and safe work environment, so as to reduce the probability of work accidents or illnesses due to negligence that result in demotivation and deficiency in work productivity. Moreover, the 5M Culture (Wearing Masks, Keeping Distance, Washing Hands Using Soap, Avoiding Crowds, and Reducing Mobility) which was born during this pandemic has become part of the implementation of K3. The goal is that all parties involved in PTM will remain safe and healthy while on the move.

It should be noted that currently the Government through the Ministry of Health has determined Semarang City to be in the Level 2 Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) Area, so that it is allowed to hold face-to-face learning. In line with this policy, the Chancellor of Diponegoro University through the Chancellor’s Circular No.73/UN7.P/DL/2021 dated 27 September announcing the PTM trial will be held in October with the applicable terms and conditions. Students who were allowed to attend campus were those who had an ID card domicile in the agglomeration areas of Semarang City, Semarang Regency, Kendal Regency, and Demak Regency. And had received a dose of Covid-19 vaccination in two stages. (Mardian)

Photos: Faculty of Engineering Management Teams was Inspecting a Department and Study Program