Faculty of Engineering cooperates with Central Java Social Service Department through CBIOM35 donate mechanical hand for 27 disability people. Monday (23/9) at Hall of Central Java Social Service, Vice Chancellor for Communication and Business Dr. Darsono, SE., Akt., MBA., Dean Faculty of Engineering Prof. Ir. Mochamad Agung Wibowo, MM., M.SC., Ph.D., Chief of  PT CBIOM35 Undip Dr. Rifki Ismail S.T., M.T., and Chairman of Central Java Social Services Yusadar, S.H give those endowment directly for the recipients.

Diponegoro University as leading research university in Indonesia toward World Class University having a research centre for health technology named Centre for Biomechanical, Biomaterials, Biomechatronics, and Biosignal Processing (CBIOM3S). Over the past 4 years, CBIOM3S has been developing health technology products. They create bionic hand, infant foot therapy device, brace osteoarthritis for knee joint sufferer, prosthetic feet, parkinson diagnosis device, exo-glove for stroke survivors, and etc.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering in his speech said,” This program is real action from CBIOM3S for society. CBIOM3S not only give an advantage for academics purposes but also give more positive impact for everyone who need aids especially in health technology”. Chairman of PT. CBIOM3S Undip Dr. Rifky Ismail, S.T., M.T in his address said,” By giving a mechanical hand for disabled people, he wish they are able more productive in community.