The Faculty of Engineering conducted efforts to prevent spreading of Covid-19 to all Departments by spraying disinfectants to all staff rooms, lecture halls, to the faculty’s mosque. In addition, the installation of hand sanitizers also can be seen at various points throughout the department, starting from the building entrance, elevator doors and toilets.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Ir. Moch. Agung Wibowo is fully committed to prevent spreading of Covid-19 in the most effective way. As we know from March 16, 2020 college has been closed and all of lecturing, tutoring and assistance activities are doing by online. While most of the staff and employees are also recommended to work from home. Although mostly activities has been doing by online, the dean guarantees that the rights of students such as lecturing, issuance of diplomas certificate, grade transcripts, & cumlaud certificates would be be given to students on time.