International conference with smart city theme was held in Semarang. 2nd International Conference On Smart City Innovation (ICSI) located in UNDIP Semarang (09/10). This event was opened by Mayor of Semarang Hendar Prihadi, S.E., MM. In his delivery speech, Hendar said that, “since from 2013 Local Government has been endeavoring to make Semarang become smart city”. This program in his opinion had encouraged a civil servant to be more effective and efficient on their performances.

This Conference also invited international keynote speakers Prof. Imam Buchori from Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UNDIP Semarang, Dr. Devitasari Tunas from ETH Zurich Switzerland, Dr. Manisa Pipattanasomporn from Advance Research Institute USA and Lecturer of Chulalongkom University Bangkok.

This event was result of collaboration between Diponegoro University with University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Menristek DIKTI), USAID, supported by Geomatic Lab and Urban Planning Lab of Faculty Engineering Diponegoro University.